It’s all Schrödinger’s Fault

I was going to leave an entry discussing an upcoming labyrinth training event that I’m running in Deptford, NJ, but rather than write my own, I thought I’d quote a good amount from Jane McGonigal who is also going to an event, and did a wonderful Q&A for that one:

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Lousy Smarch Weather

shake1The best part about Smarch is that it’s first letter is the same as the first letter of Shamrock Shake. So if you need a reminder, there it is.


I was going to post on how I just had my first SS of the season, but then I’d be lying. I had my first one *last week* and meant to write about it, but didn’t. So I had my *second* one of the season yesterday and was again inspired.

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How many strokes

Flickr - keithemmerich/104706203So how do you learn how to apply deodorant properly? Obviously the instructions are less than stellar, and depending on whether you use a stick or spray, instructions will vary. You think that a wiki entry wasn’t necessary? Obviously it is, because obviously not all of us know how to do it properly.

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Family First



This weekend was K&Q Fencing champions in Panther Vale (White River Junction, VT). The executive summary is that many of us from the local area headed up to the tournament and it was ultimately won by Lord Griffith, our new King’s Champion. The Queen’s Champion was announced as Don Collin Monro. That means that both the King’s and Queen’s Champion are part of our household, the Tadcaster Militia. Way to go us!

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