We are watching you

Want a little ARGish fun? There is roughly a 10-minute interactive experience available at http://eagleeyefreefall.com/, for the upcoming movie Eagle Eye (09.26.08).


Watch the trailer and get an idea about the movie, then have some fun.. make sure you are somewhere with access to a phone and a few minutes of free time.

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It’s all Schrödinger’s Fault

I was going to leave an entry discussing an upcoming labyrinth training event that I’m running in Deptford, NJ, but rather than write my own, I thought I’d quote a good amount from Jane McGonigal who is also going to an event, and did a wonderful Q&A for that one:

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Look to Delphi

So I’ve mentioned several times about my anticipation and roleout of the new ARG, Find the Lost Ring. Well it’s in full swing now. The main meta site has released two trailers (You Tube mirrors 1, 2) as well as some well placed banner ads on You Tube and Live Journal. Those kinds of things are going to constantly bring new people into the game.

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Can’t see a thing

Well my hopes about having the new ARG be a big one came true. Later in the day, on Monday, the game started rolling. Unfortunately, in today’s legal-wrangled world, the 4th wall had to be broken slightly by a “Terms and Conditions” link on the bottom of a website which outlined all the legal issues, and in fact mentioned who the sponsor was. I actually found this information out myself, because I was hoping for something big, but here’s a better quote from ARGNet, which not only mentions the primary sponsor but in fact confirms the identity of the lead designer.. who prior to the announcement was also suspected but not yet confirmed:

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Find the Lost Ring

Here’s hoping that the new ARG that I am following is going to pan out to be a really good one.1920OlympicsPoster


I’ve been disappointed in the last several I have joined/lurked on. For whatever reason, they’ve fallen apart or didn’t meet my expectations of puzzles/interaction. This is often the case when they are grassroots ones run by inexperienced puppet masters, or when they are limited in their involvement tool and are more marketing based.

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Cupid Sucks

So I wanted to do something a little different this Valentine’s Day. I’ve been wanting to do a puzzle adventure with Ravenchase Adventures for quite some time. Scheduling being what it is, we’ve missed several opportunities. However, I realized that they were holding a Valentine’s theme event in Philadelphia on Saturday, and I decided that we needed to make room in our schedule to sign up.

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