Here we go a wassailing

I have very fond memories of caroling as a child. We had these ancient hand typed cheat sheets that were packaged with our Christmas decorations. They would come out every year for general singing, but were also used as we walked around with our family and friends going door to door holding candles.

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Look between the two giant melons

Midnight Madness (1980)


For a while now, I’ve been planning on developing a road rally/puzzle rally for my friends and extended friends. Finally, I’m pulling it together.


There are a couple of different kinds of road rallies. They go by different names and variations, but these are the core ideas

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Jeremy ([info]ianraven) recently came the revelation that children are governed by the laws of Kosher, where Monsters are concerned at least. So that begs the question.


Are the monsters themselves Kosher? Any article with a picture of a Jackalope is sure to get my attention.. and now I know that my fear of them being eaten to (recorded) extinction by hungry Jews is unfounded.

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It’s all Schrödinger’s Fault

I was going to leave an entry discussing an upcoming labyrinth training event that I’m running in Deptford, NJ, but rather than write my own, I thought I’d quote a good amount from Jane McGonigal who is also going to an event, and did a wonderful Q&A for that one:

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Family First



This weekend was K&Q Fencing champions in Panther Vale (White River Junction, VT). The executive summary is that many of us from the local area headed up to the tournament and it was ultimately won by Lord Griffith, our new King’s Champion. The Queen’s Champion was announced as Don Collin Monro. That means that both the King’s and Queen’s Champion are part of our household, the Tadcaster Militia. Way to go us!

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Throwing the Jingle

We’re smack dab in the middle of the ‘holidays’. Next week we’ll be looking at the beginning of 2008.


I don’t normally get a chance to read blogs or post when I’m home from work, as I’ve got everything setup here. Needless to say, I’m a little behind in my browsing – and more important my commentary. So I’ve got several items queued up for our enjoyment.

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I wouldn’t recommend the Tilapia

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Somehow in my ‘haste’ to return to a normal working week after my training a few weeks ago, I forgot one of the best things I brought back.


Compliments of my friend Erich, I would like to introduce you to:
Will it Blend

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