What big teeth you have..

= Sunday July 27, 2008 =


Me: *Yawn*

Alia: Dad, you yawn like a hippopotamusHippo-Yawn

Me: *blink*


She’s been able to say the word hippopotamus since very early. Who know why.. is it easy for kids to say? Does she like the hard syllables? I have no idea. She pretends she is one during her bath at night (sometimes she’s a seahorse or a mermaid). But that comment yesterday caught me totally off-guard. Couldn’t believe she made the comparison.

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Electricity is really just organized lightning

-George Carlin


This image isn’t some special effects from the latest Hollywood movie, but rather a picture of a lightning storm in Boston circa 1967.



Last night, I experienced a lightning storm of that magnitude over the Philadelphia region. We heard on the news that between 7-8pm, there were over 2000 strikes. Between 8-9pm (as I drove to fencing practice), there were over 3000 strikes.

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I have a clew

For thousands of years, labyrinths have existed in a multitude of cultures. They have been used as ceremonial pathways, protective sigils, traps for unwelcome spirits and for games and dancing. They have been used for spiritual and artistic journeys. I’ve only recently started learning about them, and was surprised at the depth of their history. I was even more surprised to find the amount of labyrinths that still exist today. I’m thinking I’m going to have to visit the one in Longport, NJ now.

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Jeremy ([info]ianraven) recently came the revelation that children are governed by the laws of Kosher, where Monsters are concerned at least. So that begs the question.


Are the monsters themselves Kosher? Any article with a picture of a Jackalope is sure to get my attention.. and now I know that my fear of them being eaten to (recorded) extinction by hungry Jews is unfounded.

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