Hey, Where’d the Boat Go?

So it’s been nearly a week since we returned from Pennsic. Overall, I’d say that we had a very good time. Definitely the best of the last 3 with the twins.


What made this war unique was the fact that the East lost during the opening ceremonies as HRM Konrad conceded the war.


I highly encourage you to listen to the interview provided by the Pennsic Independent Podcast. In fact, you can listen to it directly from that page.


This will give you his reasons behind the decision; one that I support 110%. Unfortunately, I don’t think the king of the Mid really understood the point and missed the boat.. He was going to fight the war the same way they always have, and put it down as a 37-0 win in their books.


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Family First



This weekend was K&Q Fencing champions in Panther Vale (White River Junction, VT). The executive summary is that many of us from the local area headed up to the tournament and it was ultimately won by Lord Griffith, our new King’s Champion. The Queen’s Champion was announced as Don Collin Monro. That means that both the King’s and Queen’s Champion are part of our household, the Tadcaster Militia. Way to go us!

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It’s Alive! (or is it)

Last night at fencing practice, we got to talking about Blade Runner (Director’s Cut) and about certain choices that were made on the original theatrical release versus the Director’s Cut. This led to a recommendation to read (and compare it) against the original short novel on which it was based Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (By Philip K. Dick).

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Dinner With Friends

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So I’m up here in lovely Morristown, NJ for SQl training this week. As I write this, I’m just finishing up my lab for the day. Yesterday, I realized that I was relatively close to my college friend Erich. He works in NY and lives on the Jersey side, but I didn’t know exactly where he was in relation to my training. So I gave him a call, and luckily, he wasn’t away on business.

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