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Flickr - keithemmerich/104706203So how do you learn how to apply deodorant properly? Obviously the instructions are less than stellar, and depending on whether you use a stick or spray, instructions will vary. You think that a wiki entry wasn’t necessary? Obviously it is, because obviously not all of us know how to do it properly.


We had a very heated discussion on this topic Tuesday evening after the funeral. The unknown BO smell was obviously a fault of failure to apply properly. I was chastised by my cousin Nick for suggesting that I might only do it 2 times per arm (up/down). In fact, I was told in no uncertain terms that I should be doing it 6-8+. Not if you are to believe the wiki entry above, where it says “one to four strokes should do it.


If you wanted to ask this woman, it’s more likely that 20-25 is a better answer, along with full arm swirling and complete coverage for 10-15 seconds.


Luckily, I didn’t ask her. (in retrospec, maybe I did, because Tuesday morning before the funeral I wanted to make double-triple sure because it was a long day, and I think I averaged 20 strokes per arm) But I was significantly annoyed enough not knowing the number of strokes I used to count this morning. I actually forgot on the first pit, and only counted on the second. This makes for a more accurate count, if you ask me. Because I wasn’t trying to fudge it for the camera. I actually did 8 strokes. 4 down and 4 up in rapid succession. That’s sufficient.


I’m happy with the results of my official investigation. Obviously, if I was the source of the stank, it wasn’t because I didn’t learn it properly from my father (who uses a spray by the way) and have for years been subjecting the public to my two-stroke inadequacies.

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  1. Two strokes really should do it. If that doesn’t deal with the problem, then you need to change to something stronger. Also, is the discussion about Deoderant or Anti-Persperant – two different products.

    Personally, I would like to see a study on the over usage of anti-persperant and breast cancer.

  2. I did run across a few articles related to exactly that topic, but the one I did glance at seemed to be inconclusive — though they also looked at the effects of shaving + deodorant = breast cancer.

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