What big teeth you have..

= Sunday July 27, 2008 =


Me: *Yawn*

Alia: Dad, you yawn like a hippopotamusHippo-Yawn

Me: *blink*


She’s been able to say the word hippopotamus since very early. Who know why.. is it easy for kids to say? Does she like the hard syllables? I have no idea. She pretends she is one during her bath at night (sometimes she’s a seahorse or a mermaid). But that comment yesterday caught me totally off-guard. Couldn’t believe she made the comparison.

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I have a clew

For thousands of years, labyrinths have existed in a multitude of cultures. They have been used as ceremonial pathways, protective sigils, traps for unwelcome spirits and for games and dancing. They have been used for spiritual and artistic journeys. I’ve only recently started learning about them, and was surprised at the depth of their history. I was even more surprised to find the amount of labyrinths that still exist today. I’m thinking I’m going to have to visit the one in Longport, NJ now.

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How many strokes

Flickr - keithemmerich/104706203So how do you learn how to apply deodorant properly? Obviously the instructions are less than stellar, and depending on whether you use a stick or spray, instructions will vary. You think that a wiki entry wasn’t necessary? Obviously it is, because obviously not all of us know how to do it properly.

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