He got the mustard out

Ok, so it’s not Once More With Feeling, but my favorite public chaos group Improv Everywhere recently staged a musical in the foodcourt of a Los Angeles mall. While the customers were certainly in the dark, the mall staff was not – as IE managed to coordinate with wireless mics and the mall’s PA system.

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This CRT on my lap is heavy..

I’ve been meaning to write about Improv Everywhere for quite some time now, so I guess there is no better time than the present.


Improv Everywhere is, at its core, about having fun. We’re big believers in “organized fun”. In the process we bring excitement to otherwise unexciting locales and give strangers a story they can tell for the rest of their lives. We’re out to prove that a prank doesn’t have to involve humiliation or embarrassment; it can simply be about making someone laugh, smile, or stop to notice the world around them.

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