[Culture] Can this be true? I wouldn’t doubt it.

I wouldn’t doubt it. Artists are always being screwed. Especially those without much business savy. Here’s a nod to you Peter. Loved the book. Loved the movie. Loved the soundtrack (even if that wasn’t you…) Even danced to it at my wedding. I’m quoting the entire original newspost rather than snipping it down. Sorry if it makes my post longer. Continue reading [Culture] Can this be true? I wouldn’t doubt it.

[Personal] Rockabye Baby(s)

… Now, I’m going to take offense at the tone of this clip. While I think calling them a proto-human is kinda funny (since we’re talking about robotic feet), and I think the author is genuinely making a sarcastic remark about the “boring adult intervention”. My kids get lots of interaction. Sometimes too much. … Continue reading [Personal] Rockabye Baby(s)