[Gaming] Cockroach Stows Away With Alien

Ok. So what category do I put this under? At first it was Odd, but this truly is a game, so it’s going to be here instead.

Hrm. Decisions as an author… Do I start with the end, and then work back to the beginning for my intro.. or do I start at the beginning (which I only learned about after the fact) and talk about it sequentially.. Yes.. that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m guessing that made no sense to you.. Let me start over…

Rock, Paper, Scissors (RoShamBo). It’s a classic game. In fact, they have World Championships, though I’m not really sure if that validates the game as a true competition or not. One time in the past I had read about a computer competition based around RPS. The problem here is that I couldn’t find the original article or a link to a more recent competition (at least not in the 4.7seconds I spent trying). But that link gives you the idea anyhow..

There are also numerous variations that have arisen throughout the world. Yes, it’s an international game.

So speaking, of variations.. that’s the entire reason for this post. RPS with 25 different gestures. Of course, you have to know what to say when your Monkey Flings Poop at Man.

So that was my intro, but in reading about it, I found out the author started much smaller. With RPS7, based on an idea of RPS5 (Adding Spock and Lizard). He also has RPS9, RPS11, and RPS15.. None of which I’m going to bother to link to.. cause if you haven’t followed a link by now to go to his site, another 3 aren’t going to get you there.

I think if Steve and I try to do RPS25, we’re going to kill ourselves.. hell, we might die trying to read the interpretation. Start with RPS7 and understand how the circular notation works. Understand what beats what, and then you’ll understand the larger number gestures more easily.

Now you should understand where the title of the post comes from, as well as my initial rambling on whether to start with RPS25 (which I learned about first), or start with RPS5 and build from there.

You know what this is? This is a Friday post.. This means I need to go home and sleep…. A whole lot…

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5 Replies to “[Gaming] Cockroach Stows Away With Alien”

  1. Sleep…or a brain transplant.

    That SOMEONE came up with so many variations of RPS…where do these people find the free time??

  2. I can see it’s really Friday…
    Why didn’t you post the RPS 25 to the Bhakail-fencing list?
    I say it’s worth a Friday post

  3. Blah… I don’t check the mailing list regularly.. especially not to get involved in one of your friday posts. Feel free to be the originator and make the post yourself though.. hell you can even quote my blog as the source. 🙂 Or directly link to it.. I don’t care…

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