[Personal] The World in 30 Seconds.

I’m a big fan of Angry Alien Productions and their 30 second movies enacted by bunnies. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please visit that site.

So the latest movie is Highlander in 30 Seconds which I think would really appeal to a lot of folks that I know, all of whom (should) have seen the original Highlander.

I’m actually interested to hear what your favorite episode is.

There are more coming in the future, as Starz hired Angry Alien to make a bunch of shorts for their channel. Part of the agreement is that they will eventually be allowed to be put on the website, after having their run on the Starz channel. For example, Star Wars is coming December 16th…. ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba <— that’s the Imperial March if you weren’t paying attention.

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  1. I love these. What do you mean with episode? If it’s the TV show I never really watched it. If it’s about the movies they should have stopped at the first one IMO

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