Abnormal is so common, it’s practically normal

I just finished one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. It’s called Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.



I would’ve enjoyed the book on its face, but it’s underlying themes really struck a chord with me.

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They don’t want you to vote


Before you watch this video, it may be NSFW as I chose the uncensored version (mild language). I feel it’s important to hear people speak in their own words on important topics such as this.

These are very serious times we are living in, and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. Your voice. In many parts of the world, you wouldn’t have a voice at all. But, as improbable as it seems, many Americans do not take their right to vote seriously, and often ignore it altogether.

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One 72 year old’s heartbeart away

Ok. I get it.. Some people like McCain.. but for pete’s sake, can anyone honestly believe that Sarah Palin could handle running this country if McCain was no longer president (and there is a 1/5 chance that should would become president).

Every day, the more I hear her speak, the more I realize how clueless she is and how she tries to turn every soundbite or question around into something she feel comfortable with.


Want some laughs at her expense today? It’s no wonder that the Republicans are trying to keep her in a bubble and avoid media coverage. Anything she says is just ripe with ridicule.

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Hey, Where’d the Boat Go?

So it’s been nearly a week since we returned from Pennsic. Overall, I’d say that we had a very good time. Definitely the best of the last 3 with the twins.


What made this war unique was the fact that the East lost during the opening ceremonies as HRM Konrad conceded the war.


I highly encourage you to listen to the interview provided by the Pennsic Independent Podcast. In fact, you can listen to it directly from that page.


This will give you his reasons behind the decision; one that I support 110%. Unfortunately, I don’t think the king of the Mid really understood the point and missed the boat.. He was going to fight the war the same way they always have, and put it down as a 37-0 win in their books.


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Electricity is really just organized lightning

-George Carlin


This image isn’t some special effects from the latest Hollywood movie, but rather a picture of a lightning storm in Boston circa 1967.



Last night, I experienced a lightning storm of that magnitude over the Philadelphia region. We heard on the news that between 7-8pm, there were over 2000 strikes. Between 8-9pm (as I drove to fencing practice), there were over 3000 strikes.

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