Throwing the Jingle

We’re smack dab in the middle of the ‘holidays’. Next week we’ll be looking at the beginning of 2008.


I don’t normally get a chance to read blogs or post when I’m home from work, as I’ve got everything setup here. Needless to say, I’m a little behind in my browsing – and more important my commentary. So I’ve got several items queued up for our enjoyment.


First off, sometimes you read two non-related items and make them related.


This first item goes out to you, Wil, and your awesome ascii horns. I laughed as I imagined you sitting there head banging and ignoring your cat.

Throw it....


So, when I came across the site The Jingler, a website which takes a song and adds bells to it for holiday cheer, my first thought was “How would Wil rock to that?”


So, I give you “Hallowed Be Thy Name” — jingled….


If the embedded link doesn’t work, here it is directly.


For those of you who aren’t Iron Maiden inclined, maybe you’d prefer the Muppets?


Manamana — Jingled


Now Playing: Leo Laporte and the TWiTs – TWiT December 2007 – TWiT 126: The Q.E. Tube

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