Ho Elf Ho

I sent this to our private Tadcaster mailing list earlier in the week, but apparently some people didn’t get it… so let’s do this the easy way and make it available for everyone to laugh at.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy Yule, Happy
Solstice, etc, from the Tadcaster Militia.
Happy (Racially Diverse) Tadcaster Elves
There’s always one Scrooge


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Edit: You know, it would have been alot funnier if the scrooge link actually went to the right location. People said last night, we didn’t recognize the person.. you know WHY??? It’s my uncle, which none of you know.. so I went and linked to the wrong scrooge file… {insert 1 Bobo Point}. As of 11:19am I just updated the link to the proper one, so if you viewed it before, it actually makes sense now.

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