I wouldn’t recommend the Tilapia

Somehow in my ‘haste’ to return to a normal working week after my training a few weeks ago, I forgot one of the best things I brought back.


Compliments of my friend Erich, I would like to introduce you to:
Will it Blend




I chose to show you that video, but I highly recommend watching both the Don’t Try This @ Home and Try This @ Home series of videos. You can see interesting blends such as Bic Lighters, an iPhone, Chuck Norris, a Crowbar, a Rake, and of course the Tilapia.


Now, I’m not sure I’d ever buy a blender that costs hundreds of dollars, but as far as a marketing gimmick to get you talking about their product, this is a good one. I won’t say never. However, while I can justify spending that kind of cash on a Dyson vacuum which I use regularly and know it’s worth the price, making the occasional peach smoothie doesn’t cut it for me.


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  1. Ho Boy! You better break that thing out for testing… hrm… let’s see… what kind of SCA stuff can we blend…

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