[Personal] Dinner and Photoshoot (long w/ pics)

… Now I can look at my smiling kids all day long! Oh, and I didn’t even talk about the stupid dog. So we’re all in the kitchen working on the photos. We’ve got the photographers, the grandfather, the baby handlers, the audience.. the works… what don’t we have? Someone keeping an eye on the dog. … Continue reading [Personal] Dinner and Photoshoot (long w/ pics)

[Personal] Dead Leprechauns

If it’s good luck to catch a leprechaun, what happens when you back over one with your car?

Since the birth of my children, we’ve had a wave of back luck. Today was no exception. Jean’s first time taking the twins out to the doctor, and she hits something on the A.C. Expressway which proceeds to shred her tire. So some smoke and a few thump, thumps later, she pulls off the side of the road. I get the frantic call and go and meet her. Luckily the ACE has added a emergency truck service in the past few years, so by the time I got there, the tire was already changed.

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[Personal] My son got picked up before me

We had family in last night for a vacation to see our new kids and went to Fuddrucker’s for dinner. They aren’t kidding when they say home of the world’s greatest burger. Anyhow, after we order I go back to the counter when the order is ready, and these teenage girls waitresses were all smiling and very sweet. We chatted as I grabbed the food, talked abit about the kids and how small they were, and then I headed back to the table. One of the male waiters runs up to me and hands me a note from one of the girls, saying "she wants you to have this".

My first thought? I’m getting picked up by a 16 year old. I’ve never been picked up in my life, and she’s giving me her phone number while I’m here with my wife!


The note reads: "Can you please bring the babies over so that we can see them. –Julie".

I only hope that Connor is as smooth with the ladies, and Alia with the men when they not 5 weeks old.

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