[Personal] Dead Leprechauns

If it’s good luck to catch a leprechaun, what happens when you back over one with your car?

Since the birth of my children, we’ve had a wave of back luck. Today was no exception. Jean’s first time taking the twins out to the doctor, and she hits something on the A.C. Expressway which proceeds to shred her tire. So some smoke and a few thump, thumps later, she pulls off the side of the road. I get the frantic call and go and meet her. Luckily the ACE has added a emergency truck service in the past few years, so by the time I got there, the tire was already changed.

We switched cars, kids and bags — since I didn’t want her driving on the donut, and headed down to Sam’s Club to get some new tires.

So how’s this for a ‘scam’? You advertise that it only takes 59 minutes for service, but you include the phrase “from the time we take your keys”. So then you check the person in, fill out the paperwork and then don’t take the keys!! So you wind up waiting almost 45 minutes for them to call you and then the clock starts ticking. Luckily it wasn’t longer. They could have really waited 8 hours and then called us, and it would still be 59 minutes from the time they took the keys. Talk about pissing me off.

[Listening to: Man Of The Hour – Pearl Jam – Big Fish – OST]

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