[Personal] My son got picked up before me

We had family in last night for a vacation to see our new kids and went to Fuddrucker’s for dinner. They aren’t kidding when they say home of the world’s greatest burger. Anyhow, after we order I go back to the counter when the order is ready, and these teenage girls waitresses were all smiling and very sweet. We chatted as I grabbed the food, talked abit about the kids and how small they were, and then I headed back to the table. One of the male waiters runs up to me and hands me a note from one of the girls, saying "she wants you to have this".

My first thought? I’m getting picked up by a 16 year old. I’ve never been picked up in my life, and she’s giving me her phone number while I’m here with my wife!


The note reads: "Can you please bring the babies over so that we can see them. –Julie".

I only hope that Connor is as smooth with the ladies, and Alia with the men when they not 5 weeks old.

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