[Culture] The Year in Pictures 2005

Every week, MSNBC has a slideshow for the Week in Pictures. You can see selected pictures from around the world, and then vote on your favorite. I make it a point to watch these slideshows everyweek. If you want, there are links to the archives of previous weeks.

Now, with the year coming to an end, they have posted The Year In Pictures 2005. These are the top voted choices by the viewers, as well as ones by the editors.

The pictures are a strange mix of life and death – of joy and fear – of hope and of despair. Does it accurately reflect the year 2005? That’s for you to decide. There certainly are some memorable events this past year. Question is, will you remember them a year from now? Here’s a link to The Year in Pictures 2004, for example. Do you remember those events? Its certainly something worth reflecting on.

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