[Personal] Big Savings at Borders

Ok folks, with the holidays on everyone’s mind, I needed to make sure I told you about the fantastic savings at Borders.

It’s a 30% off coupon for Borders.

The coupon is valid through 12/19/05, but what makes it really awesome is that it’s one *any* item that’s not already on sale. This is the kind of savings that lets you put The Complete Calvin and Hobbes ($105) within reach at $69. It lets you seriously consider picking up The Complete Far Side 1980–1994 ($85) for only $56. I’m not sure that I’d want to get The Complete Far Side Leather-Bound (Signed Limited Edition) ($795) though. If I did, I’d be saving $262 bucks though.

Here’s the thing. It’s one item, per day, per customer. So if you want to take full advantage, you might need to go back multiple times. It’s even worth (in my opinion) returning any high ticket item you might have already gotten for something, and then getting a credit back.

Think about a DVD series or a nice graphic novel or an audio book.

Everyone I know has nice libraries and this would definately be a good thing for you to take advantage.

As the lady told me when she handed me the coupon in the parking lot (she printed extras), “Merry Christmas”.


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  1. Evening!

    Well Steve and I embarked to Borders tonight to try and snag ourselves a good deal on both the Calvin and Hobbes collection and the Far Side collection.

    The Borders Express didn’t have the Far Side collection available, but they did have the Calvin and Hobbes.

    We picked up the C&H collection, but didn’t get the deal that we expected. You see, Borders is already selling it at a discounted price of $105 (like Amazon) versus the $150 that it originally lists for.

    Meaning, as the lady at the cash register said “We aren’t allowed to double discount.” It’s already 30% off at $105 and they weren’t selling it for an additional 30%.

    We may just go ahead and order the Far Side collection off Amazon. But haven’t done it just yet.

  2. Dangit.. I’m sorry. Seems like it was still a good deal, just not a GREAT deal. I didn’t realize that the website already had a sale on the items… 🙁

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