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Yesterday, I mentioned MSNBC’s YiP. Today, I wanted to let you know about Reuters 2005 Pictures of the Year. While there are some good items in there, I’m not sure that I agree with all their choices. The picture of Courtney Love really stands out to me as a bad choice. Why? Because her importance in 2005 is no where near where it should have been to be included in the year’s summary. Now, if it was 1994 and you had a picture of her in regards to Kurt Cobain, then it may have been a good choice — because that was an event that had an impact that year. On the flipside, the shot of the Israeli flag during a protest is something that should have been included.

Overall, I think I liked the total content of the MSNBC pictures better. I do, however, prefer the UI for the Reuters images. I like being able to scroll through the pictures 1 by 1, or to jump directly to the image. The lack of a soundtrack has both pros and cons. It allows you to look at each picture on your time, and then move ahead when you’ve sufficiently explorered it’s depth. Your emotions aren’t “helped along” as it were by sad or happy music. You draw your own conclusions and have your own impressions.

Being an editior is more than just being a decision maker. It’s also about opinion. I just happen to disagree with their opinion that helped them make the decisions on what items to include. 🙂


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  1. As much as I like the year in pictures from those two sites, my favorite has always been the World News Tonight on ABC at the very end of the year.

    It’s usually a 5 minute clip and includes major events from the year (starting in January), as well as deaths of notable people, world leaders, etc.

    I have a feeling this years will be rather sad, not just for the hurricanes and other natural disasters, but because it was Peter Jennings’ show…

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