[Culture] The Year in Pictures (2006)

Time for my annual posting of The Year in Pictures (2006). I guess that’s kind of misleading though isn’t it (as written). I mean, I don’t post the 2006 YiP every year, I post about the YiP for the current year.. I should have worded it better. I think I worded it better last year.

The interface is broken down into three categories – News, Sports, and Space. Then when you are done, you can vote on your choice of the best picture of the year. What sums up the year the best? A picture of a grief stricken Lebanese mother, or of a baby goose quacking at a butterfly?

Underneath the main interface window are some additional links to slide show archives and Year in Review style images. For example, a slide show of all the celebrity weddings this year (blech…) or those that have passed away.

As we approach the end of a year, reflecting on the past 12 months by looking at pictures is a great way to reflect on the world around us, for better or for worse.


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