[Culture] Tell them I ain’t comin’ back

So how many of you have pre-ordered your Serenity DVD, which is coming out on December 20th? I’m sure some of you have gotten copies for loved ones and friends for holiday gifts.. but the question is, are you going to wait the extra 5 days before ripping open the package and watching it?

Here’s a little something for ya, to get past the next 5 days:

An extended scene from Serenity with Shepherd Book (via SciFi Wire)
Video Clips from the Movie (via Official Site), including a nice little documentary short called “Inside Look”
This link is supposed to have a deleted scene with an Intro by Joss, but you cannot get it unless you are a member… and damned if I haven’t tried, I just don’t get the confirmation link… bugger all…

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  1. *laugh* I think Steve and I both agreed to NOT ask for it for Christmas. That way, we could get it on the 20th and watch it ASAP. 🙂

  2. I probably won’t have any choice but to wait because I’ll be working my sorry butt off in order to make time for Christmas. 🙁

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