[Geek] He’s the King, baby

I’ve been looking forward to the new King Kong movie ever since I first heard rumours that Peter Jackson was going to remake it. It’s such a classic piece, that I (as well as many others) was worried he wasn’t going to be able to do it justice.

Now the TV ads are running, and there is quote after quote from major reviewers giving it 4 stars, etc. I’m always leary of those quotes though, as often the folks being quoted aren’t worth the paper they write their reviews on. Always be wary if you see multiple quotes from the same source… that tends to mean they can’t get enough variation in their reviews. When I see the King Kong ones, though, there must be a dozen quotes, all of them glowing, and all of them from different (major) sources.

Here’s an quote from a glowing review:

If the “Rings” trilogy didn’t convince you, everyone will now have to admit that Jackson is one of the most creative men to ever sit in a director’s chair.

This film is in a class of its own. If anyone ever tries to do another remake of “King Kong,” they should be put in a rubber room.

There wasn’t a single bad thing said about the movie in that review. In fact, I haven’t found a bad review of the movie yet… and I’ve been looking.

I also recently read this article on the multiple meanings of King kong, from the Philly Inquirer. Yes, I actually read the article in the paper.. but I tracked down the digital version just for you!! It’s actually a very well written that does a good job of explaining why the original Kong succeeded, as well as why it’s continued to captivate viewers all these years. It’s those same themes that will drive PJ’s latest endeavor. It’s also why it was important to shoot the film in 1933 New York. While there may be parallels to the modern world, Kong’s place is rightfully in 1933.

My time is limited to go to the movies right now, so I really need to pick and choose what I want to see. King Kong is definately at the top of my list, and I really hope to see it sooner than later.

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  1. Good luck getting out to see it. My hubby wanted us to go tonight, but it didn’t work out. (a.k.a., he didn’t find a sitter as he promised.)

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