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PVP - Think GeekWow, it’s been over a year since I posted about anything Serenity related. However, sometimes you run across something that brings you back full circle. Plus, I needed to continue my titles and I was only part way through the song

I happened to be listening to some music by The Bedlam Bards, who happen to have an album called On the Drift ~ Music Inspired by Firefly and Serenity.

Now, while you may not be interested in the entire album, some of the tracks have been released for promotion a while back. In fact, it was this track that helped inspire the rest of the album — The Ballad of Joss. Figured you might want to take a listen to that track and laugh.. granted if you aren’t a browncoat like me or the Bedlam Bards, it might not be as funny to you.

Here’s some lyrics to sing along:
Joss, the man they call Joss . . .

He wrote about spaceships and shepherds and whores,
Stood up to the networks and gave ’em what for.
Fox cancelled his program, but that was their loss–
The creator of Firefly, the man they call Joss!

Joss saw the viewers’ hearts breakin’,
He heard the Browncoats’ lament,
He saw Fox management takin’,
His show in a way that made no sense.
(He said) “You can’t do that to my program,
Can’t grind it under your heel.”
So he took all his cast, and now at last,
They’ve landed a Big Damn Movie deal!


Now, here is what separates Firefly
From other shows you’re likely to see:
It’s meaningful and witty, and the setting’s really gritty,
And the theme song’s about Serenity.
It’s a little like a western, (hyah!)
And a little like X-Files,
It’s better than Trek, and it’s funnier than Shrek,
And it beats out Andromeda by miles!


Now here is what separates Whedon,
From writers who slave in the core:
The man they call Joss, well, he said to Fox,
“I’m going where no show has gone before.”
He told us about reavers,
He told us about sin,
He took us to the black, and we ain’t comin’ back,
’till all those crazy Browncoats rise again!


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