[Geek] Newly released..

So I’m browsing through the new releases on Netflix and what do I see?? 70059234The complete series of Dungeons and Dragons! I loved that cartoon as a kid. I played the game and watching the cartoon characters really made it come to life.. as campy as it was..

The first disc has a LONG wait, so it’ll be a while before I get it… plus, I’ve already got 75 other items in my queue and I gotta decide if I want to kick it up in the queue a bit. I’m thinking I might add a plugin to my blog which shows my Netflix activity… then again, maybe I don’t want you to know that the last 3 movies we got were Showtunes (Pirates of Penzance, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Musical ((with David Hasselhoff no less!)) and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)

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  1. *drool*

    I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise, but I’d be interested in viewing them as well. 😉

  2. I’d absolutely love to see those, as well.

    Someone posted the script of (what was supposed to be) the final episode online. Its kind of a tear-jerker, and kind of interesting. I have to find it again.

  3. Well there was a rumour at one point which said that the kids actually died in the roller coaster and that’s why they were in the other world. Though it was denied by the Creators.. maybe that’s the script you read.

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