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So I updated my blog to WordPress 2.1 from 2.03. Not much has changed on the front end, just mostly on the backend. It also means I had to go through and take a look at my plugins, because they don’t always work when you upgrade.

The first thing to always break is my LJ crossposting.. This time was no exception. I’ve been using the LJXP plugin since the last upgrade I did. However, it’s not working with the 2.1 release. I used to use Live+Press, but that development stopped with 1.5.2.

I got lucky however, and found a link to a non-supported v1.99 release of Live+Press that was altered by an end user. It’s actually working properly. I did some test posts before and then deleted them.

Damn I’m loopy.. it’s 1:07am.. I need to go the ef to bed… my contacts are scratching into my brain…

I did have to make a few changes to the code myself. I didn’t want the format to change again (on the LJ side), so I altered the PHP to make the header appear the same as it used to in LJXP. That meant moving it before the post and changing its output. I wish Live+Press was better documented and had cleaner code. It looks like a real kludge with abandoned functions and stuff. LJXP appears to be better written, he’s just not committed to making it work updated either. **sigh**. The good news is that I get to use moods and LJ user tags again. The bad news is that it’s now a two step process. The Live+Press crossposting options don’t show up on my initial authoring.. So I have to save it as a draft, then open it, and then publish it if I want to crosspost it.. I also gotta remember to disable the comments each time.. maybe I’ll just hack the code again to always disable them so I don’t forget.

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