I feel Nekkid

I got married 7 years ago. On that day, I put my wedding ring on. I haven’t taken it off, with very few exceptions (notably dropping a dresser on my hand while moving – and having Not Really My Ringthe ring stop the dresser from breaking my finger against the stairs ~~ very The Abyss). Now, I’ve been without it for 3 days and I keep thumbing the empty spot and wondering what’s missing.

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Where’s my flying car?

I’m all about the tech recently, so here’s the latest show to catch my attention. Debuting last night on the Discovery Channel, is a new show called Prototype This.


The basic theme of Prototype This is that the four hosts, Terry Sandin, Zoz Brooks, Mike North, and Joe Grand take their combined skills and use each episode to conceive of and craft some entirely new design, product, or technology. The end result? A full season of prototypes that are off-the-wall, entirely practical, and everything in between.

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Look between the two giant melons

Midnight Madness (1980)


For a while now, I’ve been planning on developing a road rally/puzzle rally for my friends and extended friends. Finally, I’m pulling it together.


There are a couple of different kinds of road rallies. They go by different names and variations, but these are the core ideas

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Abnormal is so common, it’s practically normal

I just finished one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. It’s called Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.



I would’ve enjoyed the book on its face, but it’s underlying themes really struck a chord with me.

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They don’t want you to vote


Before you watch this video, it may be NSFW as I chose the uncensored version (mild language). I feel it’s important to hear people speak in their own words on important topics such as this.

These are very serious times we are living in, and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. Your voice. In many parts of the world, you wouldn’t have a voice at all. But, as improbable as it seems, many Americans do not take their right to vote seriously, and often ignore it altogether.

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One 72 year old’s heartbeart away

Ok. I get it.. Some people like McCain.. but for pete’s sake, can anyone honestly believe that Sarah Palin could handle running this country if McCain was no longer president (and there is a 1/5 chance that should would become president).

Every day, the more I hear her speak, the more I realize how clueless she is and how she tries to turn every soundbite or question around into something she feel comfortable with.


Want some laughs at her expense today? It’s no wonder that the Republicans are trying to keep her in a bubble and avoid media coverage. Anything she says is just ripe with ridicule.

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