I feel Nekkid

I got married 7 years ago. On that day, I put my wedding ring on. I haven’t taken it off, with very few exceptions (notably dropping a dresser on my hand while moving – and having Not Really My Ringthe ring stop the dresser from breaking my finger against the stairs ~~ very The Abyss). Now, I’ve been without it for 3 days and I keep thumbing the empty spot and wondering what’s missing.


My ring is very similar to the picture, with black enamel between all the knots. Consequently, the enameling between the knots is kind of worn, and actually has come off in a few places.


Jean’s ring has always been a tight fit. When the kids were born, she stopped being able to wear it at all. So she’s been ‘naked’ for over 3 years.


This weekend, we went to a FSMom hayride in DE, and decided to head down early and stop in at Robbin’s Delaware Diamonds, where we got the rings, and have both of those things taken of.


We had to get hers resized from 6 to 6.5. The stretching wouldn’t have been too big a deal, except that it also breaks the enamel. So they took both of our rings and sent them off for an estimate. 1 resizing, and 2 reenameling. Could take a few weeks, but we think that the total cost may be less than $75 – money well spent.


Jean is looking forward to being able to wear her ring again more than I am to make mine look nice, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do both.


I’m thinking about hitting some singles bars this week to try out my new found freedom…


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  1. “I’m thinking about hitting some singles bars this week to try out my new found freedom…”

    Sorry Duncan… Take it from a single guy… bars are bars and nobody is actually single, everyone is just looking to upgrade. I know you’re just kidding, but truth be told you’d probably do better with the ring than without. Ladies are funny like that!


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