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street-view-car-nashvilleI’m driving home yesterday, and what do I spy by a Google Street View car heading down the A.C. Expressway. Now, I recognized it from the back almost immediately, because I’d read about/seen pictures of what the camera device looks like on top (slightly different versions do exist).


Right now, the Southern NJ area is totally missing Street View options, but it looks like that is about to change. As you can see from this quick regional picture, anything outside of Philadelphia/NY is totally devoid of street view data.



So what did I do? I made sure to follow the car ALL THE WAY TO PHILADELPHIA (ok, so yesterday was  the official CAPS LOCK DAY, but gimme a break). I passed it and drove on both sides of it. I noticed the computer inside, with a flat screen monitor positioned facing the driver, a Google sign on the side of the car, and California license plates. So hopefully when the images are posted, anyone using the street view will see me driving my car the whole way.


Google Street View has captured lots of unique and mundane images, raised the ire of privacy advocates, and even spawned photo scavenger hunts.


I’m not worried about the privacy issues, and to be honest, if GM catches you picking your nose as you walk down the street, you deserve to be laughed at.


Anyway, there’s my brush with technology and digital legacy.


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