Dinner With Friends

So I’m up here in lovely Morristown, NJ for SQl training this week. As I write this, I’m just finishing up my lab for the day. Yesterday, I realized that I was relatively close to my college friend Erich. He works in NY and lives on the Jersey side, but I didn’t know exactly where he was in relation to my training. So I gave him a call, and luckily, he wasn’t away on business.


He went home last night, carved pumpkins with his kids and then met me for drinks around 8:30p. He is only about 25 minutes away. Tonight, rather than eat locally, I’m going to drive to his house to have dinner with his family. It’ll take closer to 45 minutes because I’ll be driving in traffic right now. I haven’t seen Erich since he came for the twins 1st birthday party, so it’s been 18 months. It’s been like that, on and off for 12 years since we graduated. Real life keeps us from seeing each other, and then time passes, and then we get together. I’m looking forward to seeing his kids tonight and how big they’ve gotten.


So while I was on the thought process of dinner with friends, I decided to give my buddy Murray a call. Now, Murray is a friend from college as well, but since he happens to be in the SCA *and* a fencer *and* in NJ, I see him regularly. I would say easily once every two months, sometimes several weeks in a row. However, our time is always spent being @ an SCA event, or going out to dinner with everyone else *after* an SCA event. I figured this would give us a chance to bullshit about life without the crowd. He’s working late tonight but thats ok as I have other plans (see one paragraph above, in case you forgot already). So he’s thinking we’ll get together on Thursday night.. but guess what? It’s fencing practice!!!


So i’m actually going to leave class, go meet him for dinner and then join him at practice. That way i get the best of both worlds. He only works about 10 mins from here, lives 25 mins, and practice is about 35 minutes… that rox…


I made sure my fencing gear was in the car before I left, just in case the fencing in Settmour Swamp practice idea panned out — I’d been batting that around for a week. it’s just nice that I can combo it with dinner with a friend as well.

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  1. We live in Morristown, you know. 🙂 Of course, I’m up to my armpits in work and Griffyn is broken, so the fact that we’re here and you’re here really does no one any good.

  2. I really had no idea… I’ve been to the house, but its always been by a roundabout way, so I never made the connection…

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