[Gaming] Howdy y’all

I’m a big fan of Puzzle Pirates. I was a beta tester and really enjoyed the game, even though I chose not to renew my subscription. They have a different payment model available now for some servers, where you get to play for free, but you need to purchase in-game currency to play certain “pay for” portions, or for items. I know that several of my friends have played Puzzle Pirates before, including Jeremy who’s currently playing. The developer, Three Rings Design, has been working on another game called Bang!Howdy.

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[Odd] I prefer Pi.

I’ve always been a big fan of palindromes. While I don’t remember the specifics of when I learned about them as a kid, I have vague memories of real simple ones such as “race car”, “deed”, or “rotor”. Later, I learned that there were more than just simple letter mirrored palindromes. There are word palindromes, and sound based palindromes. Did you know that palindromes are at least 2,000 years old? Check out the Wikipedia entry for an even more detailed explanation and some samples! Doing a Google Search will also return lots of results.

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[Geek] Free Skype Calls

From Neowin.net

Voice over IP (VoIP) kingpin Skype has done the unthinkable and introduced 100% free phone calls to all US and Canadian landline and mobile numbers.

The internet telephony service, recently purchased by eBay, say the offer will last “at least until the end of 2006” – and reveal that there’s not a sign up cost or hidden charge in site. The only snag to be found is that the SkypeOut caller must also be in the US or Canada.

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