[Personal] ABC, CBS or Fox?

FoxSo friday, I’m out of the office working on one of the executive’s home PCs. As I was leaving the house, I beheld a wonderous site – a fox, walking across the road. I just slowed my car down and watched him take a very nonchalant walk around the 5th green (the house was on a golf course) and lay down and roll around in the tall grass.

Shortly thereafter, a fellow in a golf cart came up with a long lens camera and took some pictures. The fox had absolutely no fear what-so-ever. Back across the street, and now strolled up to two guys teeing off. The fox was less than 15 feet from them.

I made a remark to the golfer (as I was still sitting in my car) about the beauty of the fox, and he said that there were about 4 of them that had been running around all day.

With the golf course adjacent to the bay marsh, I’m guessing the skulk [group of foxes] was just the local fox family enjoying the beautiful weather, and that they had just gotten used to the golfers.

Now, I’ve seen foxes before… usually in a zoo, or on TV. I may have even seen one skitter across the road at night while driving sometimes. However, this was the first time I saw one in its native habitat, and had it brought me a really serene 5 minutes of reflection.

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