[Geek] Free Skype Calls

From Neowin.net

Voice over IP (VoIP) kingpin Skype has done the unthinkable and introduced 100% free phone calls to all US and Canadian landline and mobile numbers.

The internet telephony service, recently purchased by eBay, say the offer will last “at least until the end of 2006” – and reveal that there’s not a sign up cost or hidden charge in site. The only snag to be found is that the SkypeOut caller must also be in the US or Canada.

For those that don’t know, Skype is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) solution that allows two people to chat via the computer. It’s got great quality and if you and your friends/family both have a PC its gaining alot of popularity recently. You can even do group chatting.

In the past, a Skype user could also call landlines (traditional phones), so you could make calls to your Mom without a computer. And vice versa, she could call you. This was all possible because of the VOIP techonolgy. However, you had to purchase ‘Skype credits’ which basically meant you paid for the calls, even though it was still significantly cheaper than a traditional phone.

What this news item is telling you is that as long as you are calling inside the US, it won’t cost you anything. That means free phone calls — as long as you have a computer.

Something to consider when you are trying to save some money.

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  1. Well, now – perhaps this explains why my connections over Skype have been somewhat … spotty, shall we say? Been using Skype off and on for several years, now, and it’s very good. This only makes it better!

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