[Geek] Yog-Sothoth would be proud

I’m sure that my friend Mike, being the Cthulhu fan that he is, will want a pair of these for himself this year. Just make sure to coordinate with each other so that he has enough for each of his tentacles.

Plush Cthulhu slippers

Cory Doctorow: These plush Cthulhu slippers can keep your feet warm even as they damn them to a thousand nameless hells. Link (via Wonderland)

Also, in case you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, here’s some songs to sing with all your friends:

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  1. We knew you’d find happiness there. I’ve been serious lacking in time on blog reading, and I didn’t even know that Mathilde recently posted her letter to Cthulhu for Christmas gifts.. kinda funny how that all works out… and I was even named for her to gain points!

  2. And yes, the LJ excerpt has Cthulhu spelled wrong. I fixed the typo as soon as I saw it, but it wasn’t fixed on the LJ side, and I don’t feel like going back and editing it there *also*. So deal….

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