[Gaming] Bang! (repeatedly)

Been a while since I posted about anything. Life’s been kicking me in the shins (repeatedly). So I caught a link to an Xbox 360 commercial this morning over on Evil Avatar. I’ve watched it three times now, and laughed my ass off (repeatedly). It’s actually getting some airplay in the US on Spike TV and a few others, but it’s been pulled from the UK and Europe because of “local sensitivities”. I can understand that the Menezes shooting had an impact on folks, but it still baffles me when I hear things like that.

Here’s actually two links. The first goes directly to a higher resolution WMV file that some guy is rehosting. You can at least resize this down in Windows Media Player since it’s a local copy and get a better appearance. If you follow this Google Video link, you can still watch it, just not see as much of the finer details.

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