[Culture] Take my love, take my land

Hey did you guys know that there was a Firefly Wiki? Might be helpful to those of you just getting into the series.

So I’m reading one of my webcomics, Real Life, this morning and guess what I run across..

Orson Scott Card reviews Serenity. Yeah – the dude who wrote Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, and a whole bunch of other books you should have read. (I’m still partial to “Pastwatch", myself.) Card is, in my estimation, one of the foremost authorities on Sci-Fi, and the things he has to say about Serenity are eye-opening. DAMN. 🙂 Kind of made me sit here smiling the whole time. So, that’s sexy.

I liked the article. It’s nice to see an author’s take on a movie, as they’ll have a totally different approach on how to deconstruct it.

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  1. Great article. I passed the link on to my mom, who was trying to understand the appeal of Firefly.

  2. So one has to wonder…will Card now turn to Joss Whedon to direct Ender’s Game – the movie?

    That’s certainly an interesting concept. I think what O is saying is that it’s as much about the writing as it is the vision of the director. In this case, it’s the same person. OSC could tap J to help him put together a screenplay though.. assuming that he’d even want to.

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