[Geek] Too many Nodwick links today!

Every Thursday Nodwick gets updated. Every thursday Aaron has some links at the bottom that are usually “must follows”. By the way, his site is powered by LiveJournal, he just integrates it into the main site. So, you can just as easily follow his LJ Profile as a friend when you want to get updates.

So what’s worth visiting today? IMO 3 out of the 5

– A list of the "made-up words from ‘The Simpsons’. I must say I thought "craptacular" was a much older phrase…

Anything Simpsons is always good. I figured I’d rather group blog this links than to split them out individually, which means this doesn’t get a cromulent link.

Your goal is to try and use these words in conversation. I certainly have used craptacular

– Okay, this experimental brush from MIT is WAY cool. Paint with any surface texture on a video touchscreen!

He says WAY cool, I say its freakin’ awesome! That’s what I love about the boys (and girls) of MIT. They like to push the envelope. Lots of times their proof of concept ideas turn into much different products down the line. Just the idea of having a video canvas with ral life sampled brushes is something straight outta Sci-Fi.

– Some "remastered" Quicktime trailers for you: "The Shining", which is by far the best of the lot. Then there’s a new look at "West Side Story" and a much darker version of "Titanic." Amazing what editing can do, eh? 🙂

I actually didn’t follow these links initially until I heard Steve chortling in the other room. Once I watched them, I was chuckling too. It’s a great tribute to why sound design is so important in movies. When sound designers are nominated for Oscars, most people take the time to use the bathroom or refill their drinks. Yet, it’s the sound that helps drive the emotions of the movie. Whether subtle or in your face, you can totally change the feel of something by the sound. These clips also show that the isolation of certain visuals can change the theme as well, but I think the sound impact is more important here.

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3 Replies to “[Geek] Too many Nodwick links today!”

  1. A friend turned me on to the movie links at the beginning of the week. You’re absolutely right about the power of sound design. There’s something to say about powerful editing, as well. And yes, i love the idea of the Shining as a feel-good date-flick.

    Then again, I took a date to Exorcist 3.

  2. Then again, I took a date to Exorcist 3.

    Yeah, but you didnt’ bring her for the feel-good factor. If you did, then both of you need to see a Dr. More likely you took her for the “Oh, Mike, please save me from the evil!” factor. Followed closely by some hand holding and possibly head buried in chest.

  3. Saw only the West side story this morning before leaving for work. Loved it
    I’ll have to check the others later 😀

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