It is pitch black.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


I like customizing my PC. I look at it all day long at work, and often for hours at home on weekends. I’m a big fan of changing my wallpaper from time to time, and I’ve also purchased and use Windowblinds.


One of the ways I’ve customized is by using Bootskin. Bootskin is a free product that allows you to change the screen you see while loading Windows XP. Granted, I rarely reboot, but when I do, I’m pleasantly surprised when I see my bootskin. It’s also kind of cool when someone else watches your PC boot (at a LAN party for example).


So I’m listening to Wil Wheaton’s PAX 2007 Keynote (mp3), and there is a portion when he’s talking about historical video games. If you recognize the phrase, then you’ve obviously played (for many hours) the game. Look at the blog title and opening sentence. Do you recognize the game? Of course *I* do. So I decide to be creative and make myself a new boot screen:


Link to Grue Bootskin (for your very own!)


I tracked down an Apple IIe true type font, and tried to find a green color similar to my old dimming monitor.


Welcome to my world…


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  1. Yup… and you can play Zork 1 (and I think some of the others) online as well. Easy enough to track down the link.

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