Does anyone still use IM any more? Every once in a while I turn on Trillian to load up my *four* IM accounts.. I mean, you have to have one on every major service just to communicate with everyone else on a different service right?


It just seems like whenever I start it up, there is no one else on. Granted, I’m adding to the problem, because then I immediately shut it back down again. I don’t even think about running it for weeks at a time, and would never consider running it automatically.


I dunno, it just seems like between email, blogs, forums and mailing lists, I am able to keep up with everyone. And the telephone.. yeah we still use that too, though it’s more likely to be a cell phone. I’m not a “texter” but I know the generation behind me is..


It just seems the once dominate method of quick internet chatting has gone by the wayside.


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  1. I still use IM. I keep it running most of the day and have a few people that I talk to regularly through it. But then I almost never use the phone, and I’m getting pretty bad at keeping up with email…

  2. Interesting.. maybe it’s just that the people I used to talk to, specifically my friends and close family I have other methods of talking to.. Then there’s the whole group of people who I used to play CCGs online with during my designer days, and I never have any reason to talk to any of them any more.. guess I could just pop on and say hi once in a while.. Maybe I’ll let it run for a bit and see who’s around.

    I guess maybe if I actually had people on there that I talked to at this point in my life, it would be better. I mean, I don’t have any of the three of you who just commented, FWIW.

    I could also see myself getting very little work done during the day if I was constantly chattering.. which is probably the best reason to keep it silent.

  3. I still use it occasionally. I just loaded up Trillian. I don’t have a lot of people’s IM names, though.

  4. aim: ekscholar … where I work doesn’t mind that I have trillian up (running it off the flash drive).

  5. When I worked from home, I used it almost daily. I’m busy enough when I’m home that I don’t remember to turn it on. So it’s there, just hasn’t been used in a long while.

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