[Geek] The Gate Has Been Breached!

As a Scadian Parent, I have to keep my eyes open for anything remotely medieval. Now, whether or not I’ll have this built for the twins summer birthday party is another story all together.. Where the hell would I store it? Maybe I can talk Steve into helping me build it. He likes offbeat projects like this. Mr. McGroovey’s Castle

Via Boing Boing:

HOWTO Make a Room-sized cardboard play-castle
The Mr McGroovy’s Box-Rivets site has a killer set of plans for converting eight refrigerator boxes (they have tips for getting these for free) into a room-sized cardboard play-castle that your kids can run around in.

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6 Replies to “[Geek] The Gate Has Been Breached!”

  1. OH, I would be all over that! Thing is, though, I’d rather get some cheap paneling and make it with that rather than cardboard boxes. It would last much longer out-doors!

  2. That is a great website! I liked all the pictures people sent in. Also, the pirate ships were cool.

  3. Oh, what Steve said – we have PLENTY of room outside! I was originally thinking of putting a tarp over the cardboard boxes once it was built, but I like the paneling idea SO MUCH better. PLEASE, can we have it Daddy?!?!? PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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