[Geek] Well Said Mr. Turkey Neck

So I didn’t watch most of the Superbowl yesterday. I’ve only been tuning in to watch the commericals the last few years anyhow.. I always find myself with something better to do. This year, I was playing Ranbow Six: Las Vegas. I did manage to catch a few commericials though.

If you haven’t, you can check them out at http://youtube.com/superbowl. You can vote and rank them, so you’ll see what other people like as well.. I really liked the Career Builder ‘jungle’ series. However, the FedEx one about FedEx Ground (currently #27 on the list), was the one that really made me laugh out loud.

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  1. I actually thought that the Superbowl ads were some of the most boring ads I’ve seen.

    None of them really made me laugh. I chuckled at the FedEx Ground and the Emerald Nuts commercials. All the rest were snooze worthy.

    And the game itself? Sloppy. But I watched anyway. 🙂

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