[Personal] Animal people – SB 861

Have you ever heard the phrases ‘Are you an animal person?’, or ‘Are you a <insert animal type here, e.g. dog> person?’

I’d venture that more people like animals than dislike them. At the same time, not everyone is cutout to be a pet owner. It takes committment and responsibility.

My wife and I *are* animal people. We’ve owned ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and a dog since we’ve been together. Previously, I had a skink, fish, hamsters, turtles, and who knows what else as a kid. Jean not only had birds in college, but a labotomized rat named Einstein (ask *her* to tell you that story).

So, the other day, I run across some information on SB 861. This is a law in California, known as Breed Specific Law (or BSL). It was signed on 10/7/05, and took effect as of 1/1/06. You can read a much better explanation here: http://www.defeat861.com/

Put plainly, SB 861 authorizes any California town to slowly remove from the dog population any breed of dog by allowing a town to require forced sterilization of any particular breed that they choose to target.

I had followed a link to a very sad video showcasing pit bulls and their owners. More specifically, it was a feeling of dealing with the cause of the problems, not the animals themselves. The phrase use is “Punish the Deed, Not the Breed”.

I couldn’t agree more. Check out this entry on pit bulls. How many of those Urban Myths did you believe? Did you know the history on pit bulls, or did you just think they were all ‘monsters’.

Personally, I wouldn’t want a pit bull. I’ve only recently become a dog owner myself, and some days I’m still not sure it’s worth it (aw.. just kidding Sebastian). They just aren’t a breed that appeals to me. But that’s the reason.. Not because I’m afraid of them mauling my children. Hell, if I beat the dog, starved the dog, and trained it to kill and fight other dogs, than what’s that say about me? If you think it’s the dog’s fault if a biting incident should occur and not the owner’s responsibility, then you’re way off base.

Is that to say that there aren’t some dogs who are aren’t mean and nasty? Of course not! But a few bad apples, shouldn’t ruin the bunch.

Anyhow, I told Jean about the video, and at first she didn’t want to watch it. But I prodded her anyway. Not only did she watch the first one, but another one as well. She called me a meanie for making her cry. I told her if it was any consulation, I got teary eyed after watching them too.

I’m going to post the two we watched her. Be advised, if you’re an “animal person”, you might be sad after watching them.. so plan your chocolate intake appropriately.

{Video 1}

Behind Blue Eyes (Myspace – Can’t embed it)

{Video 2}

Sorry Again (Streamed)

{Video 3}

Lonely Day (MySpace)

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  1. Sebastian is a cutie, albeit too small to be a proper dog. 🙂

    The proper name for a “pit bull” is an American Bull Terrier, which is what they are called by those who love them for their own sake and not for the macho image. Again, I’m not a fan of dogs that small. Give me a German Shepherd (another widely maligned breed that doesn’t deserve it) any day.

  2. Well you’ll notice if you read the Wikipedia entry, that there are several breeds of ‘bulls’ that all get lumped together as pit bull, so its not just an American Bull Terrier thing..

  3. Duncan –

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    Feel free to delete this comment.

  4. Like many, many laws… Its one thing to have the law on the books, its quite another thing to actually enforce those laws. This will just be an excuse to limit so-called “dangerous” animals…

    Its sad to do it that way… Can’t we limit “dangerous” humans that raise animals to be dangerous instead?


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