[Family] Poo Flinging Children

Time for a little morning video journey into the life of a parent of a twin… Here’s an image which gives you a sneek preview..


I’ve heard the stories of other parents and laughed aloud. Ha, my children will never do that…

So Connor is starting to walk now. He’s fairly mobile inside the kid jail (Aside: image is from page 6 of Liam St. Liam’s Pennsic 35 Flickr album.. check it out) He can take multiple steps (as many as 15 or 20), can turn around. Heck, he was even walking and shaking his rattle yesterday.

Last night, he’s wearing a two piece outfit. Something new. He keeps tripping on his pants as they slip down. So he takes off his pants and throws them over the baby gate… Aw…. how cute…. baby in diaper running around….

Now.. watch this video (0:06).

I look over… “Connor, what’s that you’re waving around in your hand…”

Now… watch this video (0:09)

D: “Um.. sweetie.. I need your help.” <-Note the use of the word sweetie.
J: “I’m making dinner and it’s going to burn, can’t it wait?”
D: “Well I’m holding Alia, and Connor has taken his diaper off and thrown poop all over the floor. He’s got a chunk in his hand, and I think he actually tried to eat it.. I could really use your help?”
{rustling in kitchen}
J: {laugh}
D: “I’ll clean up the floor, but I could really use your help cleaning up ‘him’.” {hands half-naked Connor to Jean}
J: {laughing} “I don’t want ‘that’!!”

Off to the bathroom with him. Sure enough, not only was it on his feet as he performed his best Godzilla imitation, but it was on his face and his head. Fresh onesie, fresh PJs, fresh diaper.. everything fresh was in order…

It could have been worse… at least it was solid… Mmmmm steak dinner…..

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