[Family] We’re leaving on a jet plane..

So we’re all heading out to Las Vegas tonight.. I’ll be back Monday night.

My mom is getting remarried.

My folks got divorced when I was in college, and when my mom told me she was getting remarried, I told her the same thing I told her back then – ‘Whatever makes you happy’. That’s not to say I wasn’t surprised. She’s only been dating her fiance about a year and a half, but she really feels right with him. My mom has enough experience with the world (rather than calling her old), and has already made enough mistakes, that I really have to believe that she knows what she is doing.

That’s Saturday. Sunday, my nephew Nicholas is having his 2nd birthday, and his little brother, Anthony is having his Christening. My sister, Erica, decided to try and have the party the day after the wedding so that those of us flying out there would be around for both. She and my mom had a discussion about it, and my mom was fine with the plan. Since it’s not her first wedding, and she’s keeping it really low key anyway, she didn’t feel that it infringed on her ‘special day’ at all.

In February, when we flew to Florida, the kids were still basically lumps and slept the whole time. Tonight will be a different story. Both are squirming little zombie grubs, and I hope that they will drink a bottle and take a nap, and make our flight painless…. *crosses fingers* *hopes for the best*

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  1. Please tell your mom that Steve and I are really excited and happy for her. Congrats to them both. She was practically busting at the seams when we chatted about it at the twins birthday party. Can’t believe it’s time for the big day already.

    Hope the flight out and back is uneventful. I’m sure the kids will be great.

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