[Personal] Build a Better Mousetrap

Something worth knowing…

From Ian’s Shoelace Site:

Most people only know the one shoelace knot that they learned as a child, having been taught by either a parent, a sibling, a relative, a teacher or even another child. Many are surprised to learn that there’s more than one method, let alone sixteen!

The site has numerous diagrams, as well as flipbooks and videos. He’s absolutely right. I’ve tied the same damn knot for years. I have a wonderful book at home that covers knots and whatnot, but I like having one focused specifically on shoelaces. When my kids start having shoes to tie, I’m definately going to want a knot that doesn’t fall open the moment their toes start wiggling.

Nice thing is, we can probably apply the same technique for our SCA garments – sleeves, doublets, etc.

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