[Personal] Decent advice

Joi Ito has this to say about his personal style of blogging. Make sure that you understand this is written from the standpoint of “you” referring back to himself. He’s calling himself stupid and telling himself to take a point of view. Don’t misread this and think he’s calling the reader stupid. In any case, it’s well summarized and something worth considering as we write our own blogs. Continue reading [Personal] Decent advice

[Personal] Peter S. Beagle followup

… Imagine my surprise then, when I saw a comment in my post concerning Peter S. Beagle the other day from Connor Cochran, Peter’s business manager. This is my first real comment from outside my own friends community. Somehow this guy found out I made a post about the issue and took the time to come here and read about it. … Continue reading [Personal] Peter S. Beagle followup