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Guerilla Art is a interesting way for a photographer to interact with the world around them. The thing about Guerilla Art is that the unpredictability of the environment in which it is part of, is what helps to make it interesting. Unfortunately, by its very nature it can sometimes be considered graffiti, and often times illegal.

From Wikipedia: Guerilla art is the surreptitious, and often sudden, creation or installation of unauthorized public art, often with the purpose of making an overt political statement.

One of the more famous pieces of guerilla art in recent months can be attributed to the artist known by the pseduonym Banksy. It depicts a caveman pushing a supermarket trolley. Here’s an interesting article with the author.

Fun times with guerilla art, Ji Lee printed 50,000 speech bubbles and plastered movie posters, advertisements and whatever with them in NYC, then came back and photographed what people added.

So naturally, as a photographer, this site regarding Speech Bubbles caught my attention. I’d love for you to comment with an included link on your favorite bubble, as well as why you picked it.

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