[Geek] CSS Standards

One of the reasons that I love Firefox is that it’s making a much better attempt to adhere to the CSS standards.

For example, right now I’m working on changing the theme of this blog. The problem is that while everything looks great in Firefox, IE ruins the layout totally. If you are reading this with IE, you’re probably wondering where the navigation parts of the page are? Well scroll down, they are there on the left. IE is improperly rendering the (div) containing the post and it isn’t putting them adjacent to each other. It’s one of the many bugs I’m going to have to track down and create work arounds for.

Also IE can’t display transparent PNGs properly. Another known bug. This means all my cool little icons had to be created with a black background specifically so that you wouldn’t have grey boxes around them in IE. Locks you into design, otherwise if you ever want to change the background, you have to recreate your icons. Firefox.. beautiful… *sigh*. Hopefully IE 7 will fix their standards issues.

In the meantime, bear with this page as I transition the theme into something respectable.

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