[Culture] Do you want to live forever?

I didn’t even know this was in the works. I’m always up for more Conan. Too bad we can’t get Arnold to take off his suit/tie and get back on the set again. Though, after Conan the Destroyer, maybe he shouldn’t. But was that really his fault?

Perlman is nailed down for ‘Conan’
Ron Perlman has signed on to voice Conan of Cimmeria for Swordplay Entertainment’s "Conan: Red Nails," the first animated film featuring the mythic barbarian. Marg Helgenberger and James Marsden also are joining the voice cast, which includes Clancy Brown, Cree Summer and Mark Hamill. The film will be directed by Victor Dal Chele, with a screenplay by Steve Gold and Timothy Dolan.

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  1. This is MIGHTY NEWS!

    I’ve been getting back into Robert E. Howard alot, recently. Those old Conan stories were fine stuff.

    Ah, thank you…my day just got better.

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